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About Us

The progress of Malaysian agriculture relies on the vast number of farmers who have gone through countless attempts and learned from them; they have selflessly shared and accumulated bit by bit. We hope that this spirit and technology can be passed down so that latecomers who join the agricultural field in the future will have a standard and replicable business model to strengthen Malaysia's agricultural productivity.

Since 1990, our founder has been commercially engaged in the cultivation of durian, jackfruit, lotus root and other tropical fruits. He has done it himself and accumulated rich agricultural planting knowledge. Over the past 30 years, he has deeply realized that the amount of agricultural knowledge a new farmer needs to know is very large, including land selection, water conservancy control, nutrient supply, human management, and other knowledge accumulation. We at ALAMGRO AGRO (M) SDN BHD hope to provide farmers with complete and replicable agricultural management, that is, agricultural planning and management services.

ALAMGRO AGRO the Chinese name "S" means that if the right time, place, and people can be obtained, then agriculture will be prosperous. We, ALAMGRO AGRO (M) SDN BHD, firmly believe that for farmers to achieve high-quality crops and high yields, soil, water conservancy, nutrition, manpower is all important.

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